• Wolf that existed in 200W

    The sun and the moon, the four seasons of reincarnation, the blink of an eye is December 2018, this month's reading club, we are studying the dream of "Wolf Road"

    2018-12-5   Jinkai Basic
  • Lishui two-day tour

    October is the mature season. The mountains and the wild are swaying the leaves of various colors, the fields are full of mature fruits, and the osmanthus trees along the road exude a burst of fragrance.

    2018-11-14   Jinkai Basic
  • Employee birthday celebration

    Under the busy life, too many details are ignored, and "birthday" seems to become a vague memory in many people's minds. Until the familiar melody of the "birthday song" sounded, the cake with the milky fragrance was brought up, and there was a long-lost warmth in the bottom of my heart.

    2018-9-3   Jinkai Basic
  • Be an influential person

    The first is to clear the goal. The most terrifying thing about people is that there is no clear goal. Life is very short, so short that you can't wait to sigh and have hurried into middle age. Looking back at the road I have traveled, I will come over like this.

    2018-6-5   Jinkai Basic
  • Building a blue sky and clear water, let you start from scratch

    On June 5, 2018, on the 47th World Environment Day, are you ready? Green is the keynote of life, green is the composition of civilization, let us be the messenger of green civilization

    2018-6-5   Jinkai Basic
  • How should the fiberglass mesh be constructed?

    Glass fiber mesh cloth should be carried out in this product construction. The following is a brief introduction by the Xiaobian grid cloth factory.

    2018-3-4   Jinkai Basic
  • The main role of the steel ball, how to use the steel ball correctly, have you learned?

    The steel ball is generally used for household use of a fine steel wire which can strongly clean the dirt on the surface of the object. It is a kind of commonly used cleaning ball. Almost every home or office has a metal wire ball.

    2018-2-6   Jinkai Basic
  • The cleaning supplies industry is developing rapidly, and green health is developing.

    For the cleaning industry, there are two things that are indispensable, cleaning supplies and cleaning equipment. This article will focus on the industry status and trends of cleaning products.

    2018-1-6   Jinkai Basic
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