Employee birthday celebration

Release date: 2018/9/3 13:44:09  Click volume: 6999
Under the busy life, too many details are ignored, and "birthday" seems to become a vague memory in many people's minds. Until the familiar melody of the "birthday song" sounded, the cake with the milky fragrance was brought up, and there was a long-lost warmth in the bottom of my heart.
On a special day on September 3, 2018, the company's executives sent a deep blessing to the birthday stars in September.

Today, all our blessings and greetings, I believe that our birthday stars have been accepted. It is friendship and love that let us get together and spend this unforgettable time together!

It is the company leader who provides us with a platform for us to know each other and let us remember this happy and warm birthday party, and let the sincere friendship flow like a mountain in our hearts!

Finally, I wish the birthday stars will be safe, always young, happy and eternal!
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