How should the fiberglass mesh be constructed?

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        China's cleaning industry is developing very rapidly, from simple cleaning and other cleaning products to personal cleaning products, household cleaning products, and even food, clothing, hospitals, and other aspects. The introduction of technology, capital, and management concepts from multinational companies. The development of China's cleaning industry plays an important role in promoting.
Luo Baihui, secretary general of the International Association of Mould & Hardware Plastics Industry Suppliers, said that cleaning products companies can only actively explore the development of the cleaning products market and trace the roots of the problem to revitalize the cleansing industry. Clean the store's shopping malls to create great results and get a new life!
Promoting brand development route with innovation as the core competitiveness
Summarize the current development characteristics of China's cleaning products enterprises: large market size, complex sales system, redundant management structure, brand mess. To solve the above problems, cleaning products companies must take innovation as the core competitiveness, innovative design to meet consumer product demands, and also advocate brand-oriented long-term development path, fundamentally solve all problems one by one, so that Ensure the sustainable development of the cleaning products market.
Then, to do a good job of innovation is first to attract talents, which is the basic condition for innovation and development. As a company, it is necessary to increase economic investment in talents, especially for manufacturers. Only in this way can we improve the quality of products, jump out of the framework of traditional product design, and produce products that are more in line with the market, thus winning consumption. Affirmation and support of the market.
Advocating the brand development route is to refine the diversified products into one, and concentrate on strengthening and strengthening a brand, thus changing the flattening situation in which multiple brands do not have a prominent achievement. With the improvement of living standards, people pay more and more attention to brand awareness. Therefore, cleaning products companies can only gain the favor of consumers by taking the brand strategy of industrialization, marketization, specialization and domainization, and thus achieve outstanding results. .
Open the market with technology to comprehensively improve quality diversification channels
Today's green and environmentally friendly clean technologies are constantly being introduced. Today, with the continuous improvement of living standards in our country, no matter from the beautification environment, energy conservation and consumption reduction, or from the perspective of people's leisure life needs and the transfer of a large number of surplus labor in rural areas, the overall progress of the clean industry Has become an indispensable driving force for the development of the market economy.
Therefore, in recent years, the competition in the domestic and international cleaning products market has become increasingly fierce. Although cleaning products companies have begun industrial transformation, optimization and upgrading, but due to the old concept of production constraints, some small and medium-sized enterprises are still at the level of pursuit of quantity, products Quality is difficult to guarantee. Even some small enterprises completely ignore the quality and hit the "low price card", which not only disturbs the development of the normal cleaning products market, but also has a negative impact on the entire industry.
The "Outline" has great significance and far-reaching impact on the reform of the quality work and the transformation of the development mode, the better implementation of the strategy of strengthening the country by quality, the enhancement of overall national strength and the realization of the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation. In this regard, Luo Baihui believes that the cleaning supplies industry should be good at planning the future and do a good job in building a long-term quality mechanism. Quality construction is about the ages, and we must constantly and persistently focus on solving the main responsibility of enterprises, standardizing the sound management and sustainable development of enterprises. As a cleaning product manufacturer, we must strictly control the quality.
In order to effectively monitor, timely control and eliminate abnormal fluctuations in the market for daily necessities caused by unexpected events, the Ministry of Commerce issued the “Measures for Emergency Management of the Supply of Essentials in the Market for Necessities”, stipulating that local commercial authorities may report abnormal market fluctuations, etc. Investigate their legal responsibilities.
The method pointed out that the abnormal fluctuation of the daily necessities market refers to sudden changes in the supply and demand of daily necessities such as sanitary cleaning products due to sudden natural disasters, accident disasters, public health events, social security incidents or other events, resulting in a large scope. The price is abnormally fluctuating or the goods are out of stock and the state of slow sales. In view of the abnormal fluctuations in the market where daily necessities are out of stock or prices have risen sharply, the method emphasizes that the competent commercial authorities at or above the county level can take measures to timely release market information and correctly guide market expectations; urge the circulation enterprises to organize the supply of goods through the enterprise. Supply chain procurement, use of commercial inventories, increase market supply; carry out cross-regional transportation of scarce materials, carry out the adjustment of surplus necessities in different places; organize the release of government reserves, and in accordance with the prescribed procedures and authorities, first put local reserves and then put in central reserve materials. The method is clear. If the local competent commercial administrations at or above the county level fail to perform their reporting duties in accordance with the regulations, concealing, delaying, falsely reporting, missing or instructing others to conceal, delay reporting, misrepresenting, or misrepresenting abnormal market fluctuations, the higher authorities shall be ordered to correct them. , to inform the criticism, the main responsible person suggested that the relevant units to give administrative sanctions for downgrading or dismissal according to law.
If the quality of cleaning products is not improved, not only will the market be difficult to expand, but it will also be detrimental to brand building. Even these stable markets that have been won through numerous difficulties will gradually lose.
Therefore, after the introduction of talents, cleaning products companies have comprehensively improved the technology of cleaning products manufacturing, and * largely completed the conversion of technology to finished products, thereby improving product quality and saving costs. With regard to market developments and trends, cleaning products companies can further strengthen network construction and increase product visibility and reputation by opening diversified marketing channels, thereby driving sales growth. At the same time, it can also be involved in other business methods, such as: entering the third-line market, lowering the agent threshold, allowing dealers to represent multiple brands, etc., and ultimately achieving the overall development of multiple channels of products.
Consumers are market-oriented and good at tapping potential needs
Cleaning products companies should make corresponding product research and development plans according to the changes in the consumer market, fully make consumers market-oriented products, so as to meet the consumers' internal needs, so as to ensure that the products are accepted and loved by the audience.
In addition to meeting the basic needs of consumers, enterprises must also be good at tapping potential market demands and constantly looking for new profit growth points. For example, there are some decorative cleaning products that can satisfy the practical functions, but also have strong artistic and interesting characteristics, with distinctive fashion features, which can attract consumers' attention to a certain extent, thus triggering purchase behavior. In addition, more and more companies have developed differentiated products based on customer needs, highlighting the effect of novelty and helping to stimulate consumption.
It is worth mentioning that the management structure of many cleaning products companies is very unreasonable, which leads to the loss of human resources, and the product marketing results are not satisfactory. Therefore, cleaning products companies must strengthen internal management, suggest a scientific and systematic management mechanism, and establish a good corporate image. The internal culture is deeper in product service, so that the brand connotation of products is more abundant, and finally the product brand is started. Take the road of brand development.
In addition to the problems and solutions described above, there are still many problems that need to be addressed and to be solved. This requires cleaning companies to make specific analysis based on their own development and market.
It is believed that the new market actively explored by cleaning supplies companies will definitely be a brand-new development platform, and the future cleaning products market will still be underestimated. Let us look forward to its gorgeous transformation and win a game. A new look for the prosperity of the cleaning supplies market!

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