The main role of the steel ball, how to use the steel ball correctly, have you learned?

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Main role of steel ball
The steel ball mainly acts to remove cement grout from the surface of the building's decorative material, dirt left in the dead corner, and old thick dirt.

How to choose a steel ball
The steel ball is generally used for household use of a fine steel wire which can strongly clean the dirt on the surface of the object. It is a kind of commonly used cleaning ball. Almost every home or office has a metal wire ball. On the surface of objects that are difficult to clean with rags and detergents, we all need the help of a steel ball to remove the dirt by the strong friction of the wire ball. So how do you choose a steel ball?
The stainless wire in the steel ball is mainly stainless steel and stainless steel. The simplest way to distinguish is whether it is magnetic or not. Usually, the magnet can suck up stainless steel, commonly known as stainless steel (called 430 in the industry, the chromium content is 12% - 18%); usually the magnet can not absorb stainless steel (in the industry called 304 or 302, etc.) Stainless steel is rarely seen in the country unless the factory has special requirements (the factory parts need to be non-magnetic).
There is also a kind of stainless steel wire in the wire ball, which is pure copper wire. It is not pure, because pure copper can not be patterned, usually copper alloy, such as zinc and copper. There is also a stainless steel wire that is mixed with fish. It is actually rusty. That is copper-plated wire. In theory, the copper-plated wire should not rust, at least much better than galvanized wire, but this is only theoretical data. Because of the limitations of the production process, the rust resistance of copper-plated wire is far less than that of galvanized wire (copper plating is electroplating, while high-zinc wire is hot-dip plating, the process is different). From the appearance point of view, the stainless steel wire steel ball is oily (there is also no shiny stainless wire, the main reason is that the chromium content is low, of course, as long as it does not rust, it can be), the color is dark; the stainless steel wire steel ball is white Good gloss. The pure copper wire steel ball is yellow in color and is heavy in the hand; the copper-plated steel wire ball is red in color, and the specific gravity is similar to that of the wire. The high-zinc wire steel ball is shiny and the color is white; the low-zinc wire steel ball has poor gloss and dark color.
According to the type of steel ball, we can choose stainless steel skein, mainly because it does not rust, the gloss is good, and it is easy to distinguish its dirty degree.

How to use steel balls correctly
Steel balls are very common in cleaning appliances. The kitchen in your home also has steel balls. Steel balls are essential when cleaning certain stubborn stains. In general, the decorative material has a thick hard surface, which is difficult to remove, such as cement stains, residual dirt in the dead corners, and old thick dirt. So how do you use the steel ball correctly? I believe many people are not very familiar with it!
First, before use, soak the steel ball and the object to be cleaned in the cleaning solution, so that the gap contains sufficient detergent, and then wipe the hard surface of the material to be cleaned. When using a steel ball, wear gloves to avoid damaging the cleaner's hand.
Next, sprinkle the cleaning agent on the cleaned surface and wipe it with a steel ball. Do not use too much force when wiping, so as not to damage the surface of the item being cleaned, and avoid the loss of elasticity of the steel ball and reduce its working life; be careful not to clean the surface of the metal to prevent scratching its surface because it is easy to scratch the metal surface. hurt.
Finally, after use, it should be cleaned in time and dried for use.

Precautions for using steel balls
The tools that are often used in the cleaning process include steel balls. The role of the steel balls is to remove dirt that is difficult to remove on the surface or where it is not easy to clean. The surface of the material to be rubbed by the steel ball must have sufficient surface. Hardness, otherwise it is easy to scratch the surface. Generally, the steel ball is suitable for hard surfaces such as stone, stainless steel, plastic, etc. The steel ball has elasticity, void and lumps, which can be selected according to your own needs. Note the following when using a steel ball:
1. Soak the steel ball in the cleaning liquid before use, so that there is enough cleaning agent in the gap of the steel ball, then rub the hard substance. If the stain is not clean, sprinkle the cleaning agent on the surface of the object, then use the steel ball. rub.
2, because the steel ball is also relatively sharp, wear gloves when using, to avoid scratching the fingers, do not use only one side to wipe when using the steel ball, it is better to change the contact surface with the object.
3, when wiping the surface, do not use too much force, so as not to hurt the surface of the material, so it is easy to make the steel ball lose its elasticity. Do not clean the metal material when using the steel ball to avoid scratching the surface. After the steel ball is used, the stain on the surface of the steel ball should be removed in time, and it can be used again next time.
Steel balls have emerged as cleaning and maintenance tools in recent years. Their main role is to clean the building decoration materials, and the hard surface is thick and difficult to remove.
The steel ball is made of stainless steel cut into a very thin ribbon, has a certain hardness, has a spring-like curl, has a gap, is elastic, and is agglomerated.

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