Wolf that existed in 200W

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The sun and the moon, the four seasons of reincarnation, the blink of an eye is December 2018, this month's reading club, we are studying the dream of "Wolf Road"
The wolf that existed 2 million years ago, crossed the Titan and Saber-toothed tigers, which were much larger than the wolves, and became the highest-end hegemon of the food chain. (After 1 million years, this position began to be better suited to the cooperation of humans. Replaced by, relying on the perseverance, tenacity, loyalty, cooperation, and sacrifice in the wolf. Enterprise competition also needs wolf, set goals, seize opportunities, teamwork, in order to stand in the upstream of the industry to seize the opportunities!

Sharing one: setting goals People are living for a goal of big and small. The goal is the only source of life's motivation. If there is no goal, life will have no meaning. With the goal, there is a basis for hard work and the power of life. Setting goals is the first step towards success.
With the goal, we must seize the opportunity. The success of a person or a team is to make unremitting efforts and add a little chance. The effort is to add, the opportunity is multiplication, and both will get the most results.
Sharing 2: Management of the top rope sawing, water drop stone wear, iron wrist control, Huairou management, creating a community-based management, life-oriented work, so that employees have a psychological sense of belonging to the enterprise, people's minds, and achieve comprehensive competitiveness Constantly enhanced.
Sharing three: teamwork The wolf is invincible, relying on the team to win. Human value, in addition to having the ability to do work independently, is more important to have the ability to work with others. Modern work requires great interdependence between people, departments and departments, and close coordination with each other. Team spirit is an important foundation for the survival and development of an enterprise. Each member of the team must cultivate their own cooperation ability, learn to share and give, and form an invincible whole with the whole team!
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