Be an influential person

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The first is to clear the goal. The most terrifying thing about people is that there is no clear goal. Life is very short, so short that you can't wait to sigh and have hurried into middle age. Looking back at the road I have traveled, I will come over like this. Do you think your life is full? Hey? So I am still young, set a clear goal, put time in the place related to the goal, and manage the time effectively, because we can't afford it.
  With a clear goal, we must do our best, break with the passive, break with the negative, break with the dead, and break the matter without my goal! Reflecting on yourself, whether there is a lack of words and deeds every day, how to improve? A successful person must be actively and actively fighting for it!
The next step is to strengthen your faith. Strengthen the life you have thought of in the future, strengthen your goal in life, and strengthen the money you want. Don't be half-hearted, once you are distracted, you will not sleep, and a lot of negative energy will fill your body. Only when you have broken up with the past, and you have no distractions, you can focus on things, exhaust your methods, and rack your brains to reach the people who need the results. Think of a problem every day, and then start to solve a problem. After a year, how many problems have you solved, others can see clearly, and your value will arise. Only those who are rooted in the enterprise, the people who cut off the road must succeed!
Second, be a qualified team member, passing on the company's positive image and passing positive energy. Take yourself as a leader and act to drive others. Learn to cooperate and help when others need you. A person who does not know the corporal of Li Xian is hard to be respected by others. A leader who only sees the disadvantages of his subordinates is difficult to retain. Then you have a team, but no one wants to follow you. So you must let your subordinates constantly challenge themselves and continue to exert their potential, and you must be more determined than others, because you influence others, you have a future, you have results, others are willing to interact with you. Congratulations, you will soon have an excellent team!
Life is like a marathon, and the last thing to do is victory! I have been running the company for 15 years, and I have only known it during my ups and downs. I used to swear by myself, helpless, and wanted to give up. But when I think of my initial heart, I will dry my tears and continue to fight. All the adversity of life is to be the best of yourself.
      When I was a child, I watched the process of flying swallows. They also flew in an arc. Before each flight, they always fell down and then strove upwards. At first I didn't understand the reason. I didn't know until now that the process of the swallow's decline was to accumulate strength, so that it would fly higher and farther next time. I suddenly realized that the low point of life is only a kind of power, in order to go to another higher self!
      I used to be awkward when I was crying, so I learned to be strong; when I was afraid, no one was with me, so I learned to be brave; when I was annoyed, no one talked, so I learned to bear; when I was tired No one cares, so I learned to be self-reliant. People are forced out, and with the pressure, many potential wisdom will be motivated. There is no way to go, no hurdles, and believe in ourselves. Each of us can create miracles.
Now my eyes are full of stories, but I don’t see wind cream on my face. I use a light makeup every day, put on my favorite clothes, don’t envy anyone, don’t laugh at anyone, don’t rely on anyone, just quietly work hard, swallow the wrongs. If you can't change others, you will change yourself. Because I know that only my own energy is enough, and naturally it will affect others.
  Finally, I advocate that you can become an influential person by reading a good book every month and turning yourself into a full-fledged person.
General Manager of Yuyao Jinkai Commodity Co., Ltd. Han Shumei
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